Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Ferguson has more than 25 years’ experience launching and managing several successful high technology ventures and designing complex information environments. Mr. Ferguson brings the business experience garnered from building a multi-million dollar defense contracting company, as well as a cutting-edge technical know-how, and the visionary acumen of a true futurist to the complex needs of solving today’s business problems. He is the sole founder of Crius, Inc., one of the founders of Intercom Consulting and Federal Systems, and a co-founder of Scarlet Fire Entertainment. Through his high level of competence in solving the complex needs of today’s businesses, in the Washington Metropolitan Area, where technologists abound, Washington Technology magazine showcased Mr. Ferguson as one of the area’s notable technology entrepreneurs and futurists. Of note is that Mr. Ferguson’s patented concept preceded market leader Apple Inc’s iTunes service by two years, and correctly predicted the rise of downloadable internet content which today represents an important and significant growth sector of the global economy today. Mr. Ferguson’s next patent in individual medical logistics predicted the rise of personalized medicine and information logistics

Mr. Ferguson’s clients include various Cabinet Level Departments, and Inter-Agency working groups. Mr. Ferguson also served as CIO-level consultant to the Executive branch of the US Government, along with lead architect and technical leader for a number of major global information networks. Currently, his recommendations to a Cabinet Level Department’s Strategic Planning Office are regularly reviewed by the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and other Agencies. Mr. Ferguson founded Crius, Inc., providing system architecture and design services for both government and commercial clients. As an example of the level of work done by his companies, while heading up Crius, Mr. Ferguson played a lead role in restructuring architecting the changes that dramatically improved a US Government global network that was ranked as one of the worst in the federal government; two years later was ranked one of the best.

Among his many obligations, Mr. Ferguson serves as Secretary - Founding Member of the Financial Policy Council (“FPC”). FPC is a public policy-oriented organization which seeks to educate and inform the public about economic and fiscal matters. Their mission is to formulate and promote sound public policy based on the principles of free enterprise and wealth creation as envisioned by the ideals of the American Founding Fathers.

Governed by an accomplished Board of Directors, all with a wide and relevant range of backgrounds, the FPC is an independent institution. It relies on the financial support of the general public—individuals, foundations, and corporations—to engage in its mission. FPC does not accept government funds and does not perform contract work in keeping with its ideal of independence. FPC is a not-for-profit corporation which is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

Mr. Ferguson continued to build upon his early successes; he co-founded Scarlet Fire Entertainment, a content aggregator and music download service. Recently, he also founded Dawn’s Light, a media company that is an executive producer and management team for multiple feature length films. In 2000, Mr. Ferguson founded Kaang, Inc. to provide strategic, enterprise-level consulting on the intersections of security, technology, and business alignment for major clients. Mr. Ferguson is a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program. He also served in the 29th Light Infantry, and is a multi-decade practitioner of the martial arts.

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